Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A (couple of) Week of Homstead Photos June 5th - 24th

School has ended and summer is here! I know I have been slipping when it comes to blogging, but I just needed a break. This time of year is CRAZY. There is so much going on.... I have been busy living life instead of blogging about it. I promise, I will get back to blogging full time, just as soon as we get a rhythm going.

Hubby was off work for a week on vacation and I just couldn't sit in front of a computer. We had so much to do and were busy having a lot of fun. Since we don't go away on vacation, it's hard to get away when you have critters to tend and kids with better social calendars then we do, we did a lot of small outings.

But hubby is back to work, the kid's calendars are pretty set for the summer, and this mama needs to get back to doing what she enjoys, which is writing, sharing with you, and trying to inspire others to try new things.

So what made me smile? Take a peek at our last two weeks!

No the oldest country kid is not getting ready to take a number two in the middle of the road. This awesome kid was helping a turtle make its way to the other side so it didn't get run over! Just a country dirt road, throw in some nature, and a big heart.

"What is it?" "I don't know!" "I wonder if it tastes good?" "You try it." "No, YOU try it!" Who knew left over spaghetti for breakfast would cause such an atmosphere of suspicion! LOL They all got over it and then spaghetti war was on!

Heidi the Homestead hound won a gift card from Family Farm and Home! She has a pork chew addiction and couldn't wait to go shopping. Going to FFH is one of her favorite outings. Of course as soon as she got home, she had to get chewing. Her gift card should keep her in pork chews all year!

Everything is growing! The white lilacs smelled divine and the herbs are loving the heath! We might have missed a few potatoes last year when we dug them up, but I will gladly take volunteer potato plants this year! And all of my flowers around the property are blooming. I love all the color popping out after a cold Michigan winter.

Put up my humming bird feeders and was delighted to see my first humming bird of the year. I also got a bit of a surprise when this Downey Woodpecker decided he too would like a sip of sugar water! I had never seen anything like that before. He was a little big for the feeder, but managed to pull off a nice long drink.

I got a little girly and decided to paint my nails. Of course I had to take a photo to prove it! LOL 

We went to a local amature rodeo one night. The country kids had never been to a rodeo before.
We had a nice time as a family. Sadly for the cowboys, the bulls were winning! 

The temps rocketed into the 90's, but when your country kid wants to go fishing, you go fishing!
I had sweat in really uncomfortable places, but he was one happy little boy!

Mr Bill has become a life coach..... His motto is "Go forth and make it a good day!" Or maybe he is just practicing his air traffic controlling signals. LOL Either way this handsome guy is showing off for the ladies.

Meet the newest member of our flock and the only duck allowed in the new swimming pool! If you are going to have a chlorine float, might as well make it a solar powered duck! I love watching him do laps out there.

The littlest country kid at his first time up to bat at his first ever t-ball game!

So we are eating and I looked at the oldest country kid and there were these weird marks on his forehead!?!? Someone decided to put a pool water cannon on his forehead and repeatedly pull the plunger part out, like when you suck up water into it. Needless to say that someone gave himself pool cannon hickies on his forehead! He got that from his dad's side of the family. LOL

Both the country kids enjoy spending time with our flock. Of course Mr. Bill wasn't so happy about swing time. And the oldest country kid might not have been thrilled with chickens jumping in his lap to steal his corn on the cob. But over all they all get along, sorta. LOL

Library in the park kicked off and the littlest country kid found his "happy place" during farm day. A few more inches and a whole lot of cash, and he would be in heaven. LOL 

 Heidi the homestead hound says it stinks in here! I informed her that was the paint we just finished up in the living room. You can see the new, lighter color vs the old color further back in the dining room. Yes, after years of wanting, I am finally getting my rooms repainted!! While painting we were cleaning too, and I came across Heidi's rescue papers from when we got her. Did you know, Ms. Heidi came from Bauxite, Arkansas. Yup, she traveled over 800 miles to be part of our family! 

We ordered some lady bugs for our property to combat aphids this year. There were 1,500 in this small little bag! Hubby and I took a romantic ladybug releasing walk around the property that evening because they should be released at dusk. There is nothing like stumbling around in the dark with bugs crawling up your hands because they aren't smart enough to GET OFF onto the plants. *sigh* Do we know how to have fun or what....

Hello summer! Neither of the country kids had ever been to a drive-in movie, so we decided to take them, since there aren't many left anymore. Don't worry, we forced all the critters to go to bed early so they were already locked up safe while we were out having fun. The kids had a great time! Both made it through the double feature, and we arrived home around 2 am. Ugh, I was dragging the next day though!

What do you do when it is too hot out? Go bowling! We signed the kids up for a program where they can bowl two free games EVERY DAY, all summer long. We have been hitting the lanes about twice a week.

Summer means fair time and that means I get to fill out fair paper work while the oldest country kid has fun with the rest of his 4H club at a lake party. He was kind enough to bring me this beautiful Lilly for all my hand cramping hard work. All the other mothers were impressed with his sweet gesture. That's right, my kid did something sweet!

The oldest country kid had his monthly autism program at the zoo. I didn't think we were ever going to get out of this bird enclosure. He was in 7th heaven! I do believe some day he will be an ornathologist.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Oh, Mindie, these pics are all so sweet! I love how your chickens are so comfortable around the kids! And helping the turtle across the road? I almost teared up! I'd love to know what you wrote about Heidi that she won her prize!! Rodeos, fishing, drive-in movies.....you must the the best parents EVER. And I'll bet your kids will grow up knowing it! So glad you are back...just realized this morning that it's been awhile!! Dona

    1. Heidi's prize was from a photo contest. She is a looker ya know! LOL And I need you to come tell my kids that we are the best parents ever. They are so ungrateful at times I want to scream. But I know some day they will look back and appreciate all we did (and didn't do) for them.