Monday, June 5, 2017

A Week of Homstead Photos May 14th - June 4th

You may have noticed I kinda fell of the face of the earth for a while...... What can I say, I finally cracked. I have been blogging for over 5 years now without a break and during that time I have had a lot of personal ups and downs behind the scenes, but through it all I kept posting. Last month I decided it was time for a break. Not because of anything bad going on, well my sweet cat did loose her battle with cancer, but life was just busier then I could handle and something had to give.

When I used to homeschool, our social calendar wasn't quite so full. We didn't have band performances and events to attend. With both the country kids in public school there just seems like so much to do and add going to friends/having friends over on top of homework, camps, field trips and preschool graduation. I'm in a whirlwind! Summer is upon us and there are a million and one chores to do. From planting to repairs, my mind was just overwhelmed by it all. It really does take some getting used to to have something to do away from the homestead darn near ever day it seems.

But even in all my coming and going I still found things that made me smile, and while I was enjoying them, I didn't take as many photos as I normally would. I was busy enjoying the moments! So to catch you up with our busy life are the lost weeks...... because sometimes it is good to just step back and breath!

She is impatient and he keeps complaining about the water temp........ Look folks I can only clean and fill the pool as fast as the hose lets me, and I have no control over the temp. *sigh* Life with ducks.....

"Hey, mom, what'cha doin?" Well, Fifi, my pea plant pecking pain in the butt..... I'm transplanting seedlings..... With the garden gate CLOSED! became the last time I was working in the garden, you pecked a pea plant and therefore can not be trusted. So don't go acting all innocent, like you have no idea what's going on. I got your number, sister. You just want in to peck my plants.

Guess who is hissing at me? Sorry, Baby Girl, but you are NOT going broody. Caught your butt! Now get off that nest!!

Last preschool field trip of the year for the littlest country kid (in black.) We went to MOO-Ville Creamery. The family owned and operated dairy is a wonderful place to visit. We have been there many times in the last decade or so. The kids loved meeting the calves and watching the mamas use the automated milker. Of course they HAD to have some ice cream, visit the petting area and play on all the toys in the kids area.

The littlest country kid had his first t-ball practice. Lord help his coaches, because they are basically herding kittens out there. 

Someone in my family (who wants to remain anonymous) is very talented with yarn, and no it ain't me. Seriously impressed by the hat "they" made for the littlest country kid! 

Memorial Day weekend, when projects get done. And yes there is paint in my hair and on my boobies! I never said I had painting skills! 

Saw my first humming bird, so I figured I better get the feeders up. Now the waiting game begins. Here birdies.... Come to my house. 

Grilling with chickens...... pushy poultry!

This is called an "ummm, no." As in ummm, no ducks, I told you no secret nests. Not to mention, ummm, no you can't hatch a big ol rock. Ummm, no you can't hatch a screw driver ( see the handle!?!?! ) This whole thing is just one big ummmm, no!

A lovely friend gave me a ton of free flowers, so it's time to make up some cute planters!

And there you have it folks... The littlest country kid is a preschool grad!!! Onward to kindergarten!!!!!

I swear this is a homesteading page. We honestly have critters. There is a garden out back. Really!!! But the littlest country kid is consuming a LOT of my time lately with graduating pre-K and starting T-ball. So that's where I was this evening, watching this little guy tossing the ball around. I really need more critter time. All this people-ing is wearing me out! 

The fabulous three are rocking the pool. Happy ducks, make a happy farm girl. Party on Mr. Bill. Party on Betty. Party on Baby Girl. It's like backyard baywatch! LOL

It was in the mid 80's, which is HOT for us. The Duck Union 216 put in a request for a clean pool for today's up coming heat. So here I am at 6:47 am cleaning and filling the pool, cause that's what a good duck mama does. They are so impatient though!

And this happened... no we don't have quail, but they had some hatching at an International Migratory Bird Day event we went to. The oldest country kid so wanted to bring one home LOL Ummm, that's a big N O. We had a house quail once. I'm not keen on birds living in my house. I know, I'm the meanest mommy ever.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. I loved all your pictures! I hope when we retire that I can get some animals. I miss having pets. Love the animal antics!
    :) gwingal

    1. They are a blessing and a handful! LOL

  2. Oh, your Birdie Bay Watch beats the real one by a landslide! And those kids of yours, and you and the hubs, deserve some face time on this blog, too! If it weren't for you, there'd be no critters to watch! Am I right or am I right?? Hehe.....Dona

    1. I am not one for photos of myself and neither is hubby LOL Sorry

  3. What an exciting week! One of my ducks is being pretty persistent about being broody right now too - I love that yours is being so inventive with her nest lol. Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!