Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos July 9th -15th

It has been hot and VERY muggy, but we finished up the littlest country kid's t-ball season this week. I am not sorry to see that over with! LOL He did enjoy it very much and if he asks, we will let him play coach pitch next year, but I won't bring it up. I have had enough of being a base coach with sweat dripping down me and bugs climbing up me.

We also started pluggin along on the oldest country kid's numerous craft projects for the county fair next month. Since he can earn prize money depending on the color ribbon he gets on his projects (and he is at an age when money is cool), his list of projects is loooong. I told him no waiting till the week before fair to get started like last year and I am happy to say his tote of finished projects is starting to fill up and we still have a month till fair.

Of course the normal day to day gardening and critter chores had to be seen to, but we did manage to throw a few fun outings on top. Seeing both the country kids catch their first bass each was such a fun evening. We also got a chance to slow down at a ma and pa theater that shows a free kids movie each week during the summer. And even though the country kids have been having some attitude issues, over all it was nice to make memories together.

So what made me smile this week?

Happy pollinators in my garden, working hard. Not 100% sure what kind of bee this is, he is all black and the size of a regular honey bee, but he is more then welcome to call our place home!

The benefits of helping do the morning chores.... You get to nab and cuddle any hen you can get your hands on! Of course Fifi is a cuddler, so she doesn't resist. Everyone else? Oh they run for the hills! LOL

Just two handsome guys doing a little knitting.... hubby learned how when he was a kid and has been relearning as an adult. Now he is try to teach our oldest. I don't know about you, but this photo makes my heart smile! I'm hoping for a blanket for Christmas someday from one of them. A girl can dream!

Mr. Bill was loving the pool this morning and he looked so dashing I just had to share. I don't need sexy half dressed men in my newsfeed.... Just give me a handsome duck in a pool to make my heart pitter patter! LOL

The oldest country kid finished up another project to take to the county fair next month! He painted a wooden heart then did string art in a heartbeat pattern across it. I think it turned out pretty nice

90 degrees at 8 pm. Thank goodness it was the last t-ball game of the season for the littlest country kid. That humidity was kicking my butt! The kids all had rosy cheeks and sweaty heads. The popsicles were melting before the kid could get the wrappers off. 

Operation "what the hell, why not" update..... I have no idea what day we are on, (12+ ish) Yes, I am a terrible duck keeper. That being said, Ms. Mean Girl here let me candle her eggs this morning. And by let me, I mean she bit the ever loving hell out of me. From what I could see, two eggs don't look good, three might be okay, and one for sure is good because I could see movement! Here is hoping Baby Girl gets at least one duckling for all her effort. I don't plan to mess with her again. We are all just going to have to ride this one out and wait for something to happen in the next how ever many days/weeks she has left. Like I said I am a terrible duck keeper this year.

I don't know what they are and they probably shouldn't be on my plant, but I think they are kinda pretty in a weird ugly bug kind of way

"But I don't want to get up" by Heidi the homestead hound. The key to pulling this look off is to NOT make eye contact, which she seems to have mastered. I don't want to be functional either today, but sooner or later, you are going to have go out and tinkle, sister.

The oldest country kid made his 4-H sand art project for the fair. This was the first time he has done something like this and I think it turned out amazing. I love how the river flows out of the mountains and of course he had to add a little bird in the sky, cause he is a bird kind of guy.

T-ball trophy night! The littlest country kid loved the free cotton candy, sugar high in 3, 2, 1.....  We should have took a photo of him with his trophy BEFORE he ate the blue cotton candy! And someone at the trophy shop has some splainin to do because the trophy reads Junior League of Junior!?!?!? Someone at the trophy shop made a boo boo. Good thing the littlest country kid can't read yet!

Took the country kids fishing at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery and Visitor Center. They have FREE fishing (catch and release) for kids 3-16 on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. You don't have to bring anything, just show up! They provide polls and bait. The country kids had a blast! 

What is this that was delivered to my door? A big ol box of chicken happiness from Tasty Worms Nutrition Inc., that's what!!!! I know a flock of poultry that are gonna lose their minds! 

The oldest country kid made some more sand art and I am blown away! He is amazing! Kind of hard to believe this is only the second piece he has ever done. His mountain peaks and birds are so cool!

Wanda says it's a hide in the shade, do nothing kind of afternoon.
I agree, Wanda, but I prefer a lawn chair over ivy and day lilies.

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. The sand arts are amazing - nice job! I like the heartbeat nail art as well - we did something like that in my shop/craft class this past year. Super fun banging nails :)

    1. My son seems to have a natrual talent for it. He blows me away!